【freemint】❝kiyoshi’s Seed❞Project.Looking Back at the History of Kiyoshi


Hi, I’m Kenta@kentag83(PR)

This article will explain the “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project in a way that even those who are unfamiliar with “Kiyoshi” can understand.

The following questions will be answered

・What is the “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project?
・Who is Kiyoshi? What kind of character is he?

Please note that reading this article will make you want “Kiyoshi’s Seed”.

What is the “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project?

The founder of the “Kiyoshi’s Seeds” project is Ujuuna.

Ujuna is also a well-known founder of CNPJ.CNP Jobs – Collection | OpenSea


This icon is CNPJ

Ikehaya, a well-known Japanese influencer, is also involved in this project.

Ikehaya on Twitter ikehaya/ Twitter

Release DateFebruary 4(JST)

The plan is to burn two kiyoshi seeds and the kiyoshi seeds will grow.
Plans may change in the future.

I find that if I burn two “Kiyoshi’s Seeds,” something is created, and if I burn two more of them, something more is created.

In analogy, it is like the formula of Dragon Warrior Monsters.

PS初代 ドラゴンクエスト ドラクエ モンスターズ1・2 星降りの勇者と牧場の仲間たち ソフト ケースあり ディスク プレイステーション プレステ レトロゲーム【中古】

(2023/2/4 00:06時点)

The “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project has just begun, and only rough details have been decided.

I will go back and update with any additional information.

Gag NFT creator “Ujuuna”.

CNPJ’s well-known Mr. Ujuna is a gag NFT creator.

If you would like to know more about Jijuna-san, please click here.

ギャグNFT本『底辺営業マンがNFTに出会い100日で人生が変わった話』自分のなりたいになれた人。うじゅうな氏の初出版。 | kenta blog

底辺営業マンがNFTに出会い100日で人生が変わった話 [ うじゅうな ]

(2023/2/3 17:45時点)

This “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project is also a gag NFT.

But it’s interesting because it makes the gag NFT worthwhile.

To learn more about Ujuna, we recommend following her on Twitter

ujuuna|CNPJ Founder / Twitter

Kiyoshi’s History

Where was Kiyoshi born in the first place?

By the way, “Kiyoshi” is written in Chinese characters as「清志」.

The Birth of Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi is a fan art of the character “Aum” from CryptoNinjya.

The upper right of the image below is “Aum”.

CryptoNinjya is originally an IP (Intellectual Property) with derivative works OK.

What happens if you keep doing that 100 times?

Kiyoshi” was born from this idea.

Here is the scene of the birth of “Kiyoshi”.

My name is Aum.

I have lived with a lot of darkness since I was a child.

After many deadly battles, many were lost.

and then

I became Kiyoshi.

Hey Kiyoshi, what are you doing?

It’s tadpole observation.

Kiyoshi’s Now

This is how “Kiyoshi” was born, and it is popular among NinjaDAO and overseas.

For those of you who have been wanting to meet “Kiyoshi,” we have good news for you.

When you type “Kiyoshi” in NinjaDAO, “Kiyoshi”BOT appears.

And you will encounter various “Kiyoshi” images.

Please write “Kiyoshi” to NinjaDAO “kiyoshi’s-seed” channel.

You will surely get hooked on “Kiyoshi”.

Click here for NinjaDAO’s Discord.https://discord.gg/ninjadao

And “Kiyoshi” can be present in NinjaDAO related NFTs.

For example, I have “Kiyoshi” on my “Metabacchi”.

Metabatch – Collection | OpenSea

Metabatch – Collection | OpenSea

There may be “Kiyoshi” in other NFT projects.

Please try to find it.


I have explained the “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project in a way that even those who are unfamiliar with “Kiyoshi” can understand.


The “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project is a project that will create something when “Kiyoshi’s Seed” is burned.

Kiyoshi” is the 100th derivative works of CryptoNinjya’s “Aum

I look forward to seeing more of the “Kiyoshi’s Seed” project and of course, of Mr. Ujuuna!